Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Welcome To Ask HLM... Minimize

Welcome to Ask HLM... 

This website replaces the old Hardwood Lumber & More... website and exists primarily for the purpose of continuing to make articles and other content from that website available to customers and friends of our former retail store in Milford, Ohio.  In the coming weeks and months we will work to restore all past non-commercial content and from time to time add more articles that we hope will be of interest to woodworkers.

Important!  Please note! 

Registration and Login are not necessary to view the content on this site.

The AskHLM website, along with thousands of other small budget websites, has become a target of automated spam registrations; dozens of registrations every week, mostly from Eastern Europe.  These registrations are the result of computers programmed to search the internet for registration pages and then complete a bogus user registration.   These registrations are simply for the purpose of giving the spammer a way to return to the site, again using computer automation, to post equally bogus comments that contain links to the spammer's websites for the purpose of improving search engine placement.  Clearly, this site generates no revenue so I am not inclined to go to the expense of battling these children with software to block their intrusions.  Neither do I want to spend my time (what little of it I have) deleting these pointless registrations.  Since AskHLM is an information site only there is no need to require registration and log on.  Therefore, the easiest solution was to simply eliminate the registration page (which we really don't need anyway).  No registration page; no bogus registrations.  No bogus registrations; no point of entry for the posting of bogus automated comments containing links to websites that should not be visited in the first place.  Real comments posted by real visitors who have actually read the material on which they are commenting are still possible, safe and welcome.  So, too, is the posting of questions since we retain no user name or password information.

Thank you for the kind words I have received from so many of you who have sent emails expressing your support for this website..

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