Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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In: What happened to the Ask HLM website..?
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Fred Hargis
In: Latex paint belongs on walls and cielings; not on furniture and cabinetry...
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Author: Ask HLM Blog Created: 9/18/2014

What happened to the Ask HLM website..?

By Steve Mickley on 9/18/2014


It was mid June, the weather was good and the initial rush of through-hikers on the AT had passed.  It seemed an excellent time to set out for some hiking of our own.  Little did I know that I was also about to embark on a personal reexamination of the important relationship between the cost of something and the value received.

Ask HLM restored

Latex paint belongs on walls and cielings; not on furniture and cabinetry...

By Steve Mickley on 4/13/2014

I would like to thank Fred Hargis for the following question that I received by email.  It has prompted me to sit down and finish an article on a topic that frequently came up, both at Hardwood Lumber & More... and during the time I was host of the WOOD Magazine Finishing & Refinishing Forum.  Fred wrote:

"I wonder if you could help me understand something.  I often suggest to folks that they avoid using latex paint on their projects; specifically bookshelves and such things.  I mention that if they need to stay with a water borne finish they should use an acrylic enamel.  Here's where it goes beyond my meager chemistry knowledge.  Some acrylic enamels are labeled "acrylic latex", which sometimes prompts more confusion.  I think the difference may be "acrylic latex" as opposed to "vinyl latex", but really do not know.  Is it that simple?

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